Artistic Residency

Why you should apply?

You have a passion to create and are looking to express yourself in the field of performance, sound, written or visual art.

You are looking for a place where for a shorter or longer period of time you can find, research and develop your idea; start your project and/or work to complete it, experience the creative process and have a public showing, workshop or other event.

What do we offer?

  • a possibility to operate in the residency rooms 24/7.
  • help with the organisation of a public showing, workshop or any other event.
  • if desired, an opportunity to offer a collaboration to Viljandi Culture Academy and/or the The Kondas Centre of Naive Art.
  • if desired, mentoring.
  • a chance to use a bicycle.
  • in addition to the working spaces: break room, bathroom, kitchen.
  • if needed, help finding sleep accommodations.

Our Creative Spaces

From May to October:

  • Black Box (mõõtmed, tehnilised võimalused)
  • Small Hall (mõõtmed, tehnilised võimalused)
  • Supersonicum (mõõtmed, tehnilised võimalused)
  • Grand Hall (mõõtmed, tehnilised võimalused)
  • Large Yard (with partial usage)
  • as well as many other places in the building, which the resident can discover for themselves

From October to May

  • small black hall (mõõtmed, tehnilised võimalused)
  • small hall (mõõtmed, tehnilised võimalused)
  • great black hall (mõõtmed, tehnilised võimalused)

IMPORTANT! The other rooms are also available, but we do not take responsibility for room temperatures. Using them is at the resident’s own risk.

What do we expect?

  • solidary attitude in all the rooms being used. The resident leaves the rooms to the other residents in the same conditions as they were before.
  • solidarity and friendly attitude towards all the other artists working in the building.
  • at least one public showing, workshop or event.

Residency Fees

1 Week: €85

1 Month: €300